Von Dutch is an American multinational apparel brand names after Kenny Howard, a.k.a :Von Dutch", an iconic American custom artist.

'Von Dutch' is best known as the father of the modern pin-striping. Von Dutch was one of the original guys that were experimenting with pin-striping, he was also the first to develop a distinctive style.

His striping was the modern technique to be really popular. Back in the days if you wanted your car custom-striped you would ask for it to be "Dutched".

He was a real Renaissance man legendary custom painter, artist, motorcycle mechanic and skilled metal worker who hand-crafted his own knives and guns. As the godfather of the "Kustom Kulture", Kenneth Howard was a forward thinker uninterested in what other people thought.

What he did care about were his passions, which is echoed in the Von Dutch brand worldwide.

Today, every product that bears the Von Dutch name embodies the bold and uniquely artistic feeling that made Kenneth Howard an icon, utilising one of the most universally recognised logos around today.